My first time in a hostel

That time I wanted to go for the first time to the tourism fair in Berlin in March 2014 (ITB MESSE – one of the most important tourism fairs in Europe) and to present myself for a job interview, so what better than to take advantage of the trip? maximum.

Only that I had very little budget to pay me a hotel since in those days for the fair, everything became super expensive. I decided to investigate with friends, online about different experiences, of course you find everything and try to draw your own conclusions if you risk or not. Take some advice and try to be as cautious as possible.

I started looking for options with a good price and that will be close to the fair. Until finally I found Sleep Cheap Hostel, it was really very cheap at € 15 per night or maybe a little less in a room of 10, but to feel more secure, I booked in a room with only women.

The expected moment hahaha, I entered the “room” and I found that I was the only woman and 9 other men hahaha, to my insides I thought “oh man, that I got” while cordially greeted them haha. At least we were divided into two rooms, but all 9 were builders of a work that were living there temporarily, therefore they had an incredible mess everywhere.

The room was more in the form of an apartment where we had a kitchen, a corridor and a bathroom that we shared among all, you can imagine a little haha ​​conditions. Fortunately the last bed that was available was near the door, which helped me in case of escape haha ​​… in those moments when you are the only woman with so many men you do not know, you only think about the scenarios and how to act. So much so that until that night I slept with a razor under my pillow. (If you ever sleep with me in a HOSTAL, do not you dare to approach because it can end in an accident: v).

The 3 days passed and everything went very well, all of them were respectful and each one was in his “business” that nothing else mattered.

Nowadays I am still a person who likes to stay in hostels because I know more people and different experiences than if I stayed in a hotel. If you decide to stay in one, you are a woman and it is the first time, make sure and repeat at the reception desk that it is in a room of only women, that you have a locker and carry a lock, never leave the value of the hostel when you are not, when you sleep and drink The shower has your most valuable things next to you, that any movement you realize.

I hope you liked this storytime ?, and that it helps them a little guidance in case they decide to take risks.

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