Throughout years of national and international expertise and experience, the passion for trips and music on the behalf of Rocktravelco founder, the idea of creating the first and unique travel agency in Colombia and South America which offers the opportunity to travel to the best European rock and metal festivals to the good music lovers; joined by an excursion around those amazing countries.

In 2014 the first partnership deal with Wacken Open Air festival was achieved, being the first official Colombian travel partner certified to work with the most important heavy metal festival worldwide and held in Germany. Therefore this set off the creation of Rocktravelco.

Nevertheless; Rocktravelco is not only focused on European music festival trips. But also, on the weirdest heard in such antique lands, such as, visiting the famous Vlad Impaler (Dracula) and countess Bathory’s lands. The concentration camps, haunted forests additionally, visits to the biggest cemeteries of this continent among others. Do not hesitate to ask about the weirdest and most unusual ever heard. Rocktravelco will make your ideas and wishes come to the reality.


Daisy Baquero

Prof. Tourist guide &
E. Travel Agent

Prof. Card No. 2209 according to the Prof. Council of Tourist Guides of Colombia.