Rocktravelco in its third edition of Wackentour will again offer the Wackentour 2017. Visit Germany with the Heavy style and great beer for 9 days. From July 29 to August 6, 2017 traveling through this incredible country. German beautiful landscapes, architecture, food, drinks and typical culture of cities to visit, Dachau concentration camp, Allianz Arena and the place, where is celebrated every year the Oktoberfest in Munich, Stock Exchange in Frankfurt  and last but not least held in Mecca and dream of every Metalhead in the WACKEN OPEN AIR!.


In its 28th anniversary will present more than 100 insurance bands worldwide (Power-, Black-, Death-, Viking-, ProgressiveMetal, etc.), travel into the city of your dreams. Every year you will find people from all over the world and of all ages. The bands so far confirmed for the 28th edition are: Amon Amarth, Avantasia, Candlemass, Hämatom, Heaven Shall Burn, Kreator, Lacuna Coil, Mayhem, Paradise Lost, Powerwolf, Saltatio Mortis, and Sonata Artica. 


Day 01 [29. July] Sa.// MUNICH

Accommodation in shared rooms in the hostel around 15hrs. Tour to the Theresienwiese, it is the place, where every year is celebrated the OKTOBERFEST! Visit the Marienplatz where there are the old and the new town all, the cathedral, and others important places in the center. Concluding this day with a good Bavarian beer and brezels.

Día uno


Día dos

Day 02 [30. July] Su. // MUNICH

Visit to the Dachau concentrations camp, the second most important and known in Europe for the National Socialist Party in 1933. We’ll go to one of the most amazing stadiums in the world and adored by Football fans, ALLIANZ ARENA, the entrance to the stadium depends on the availability which there is that day and the value of the tour will be paid by the Metalhead.


Day 03 [31. July] Mo.// MUNICH – FRANKFURT

Departure to Frankfurt. Accommodation in shared rooms in the hostel at afternoon. Take a walk through the center, stock Exchange, shopping center, the Euro tower, Goethe place, visiting the houses with typical German architecture the “Fahrwerkhäuser”, recommendable the visit of the Main Tower, the fourth tallest tower of Germany, where you can have a beautiful view of Frankfurt. The entry is not included.

Día tres


Día cuatro

Day 04 [01. August] Tue. // FRANKFURT-WACKEN

Departure to Wacken Open Air, passing through Hamburg and Itzehoe. Organize camping tents in the area assigned by Rocktravelco. Get the bracelets to enter the festival. Then we can go to town to buy food and drinks.


Day 05 [02. August] Wed.// WACKEN

WACKEN Starts around 11am the first presentations of bands of medieval music, rock, among other. Free day for purchases of accessories, clothing and music, etc. in the market and in the Official Merchandise of the W: O: A. Head over to the Wackinger Village where you’ll find some contests, special presentations and tasty dishes, by the way visit the Wasteland that is next.

Day 06 [03. August] Thu.// WACKEN

Would you like to begin the real Wacken overdose bands and know many more? As this is indicated to start the day!!

Day 07 [04. August] Fri.// WACKEN

WACKEN Faster Harder and Louder, header, listen, knows bands and people of worldwide. Remember that the “Wall of Death” and “Circle Pit” are prohibited.

Day 08 [05. August] Sa.// WACKEN

The last day at WACKEN will be the busiest day, a band after another, you will need extra energy.

Días en Wacken


Día nueve

Day 09 [06. August] Su. // WACKEN-HAMBURGO

The latest bands have begun in the evening of August 5, and finish this night between 2am and 3am. You’ll have time to rest after the last concert before noon and we will be leaving for Hamburg.

Ends our Wackentour 2017 and each will continue its journey.



Consulting in processing visa and ticket purchase if it is required.

Tour guide and interpreter (Spanish/Italien/English.-German) from Munich during the entire trip.

3 nights’ accommodation in hostels in shared rooms.

Transfers within Germany from city to city by bus and / or train. (Munich-Frankfurt-Wacken-Hamburgo)

Shower and WC at W:O:A.

Entrance ticket to Wacken Open Air.

Right to camp at the W:O:A group.

Public transport in Munich for two days and one day in Frankfurt.



Airline tickets.
Costs of visa, passport and medical care.
Personal expenses.
Other income or expenses not specified in the program.




Book with EUR368 and choose how much to pay the remaining installments:

  • 1 monthly installment of EUR304.
  • 2 monthly installment of EUR159.50.
  • 3 monthly installment of EUR111.

PS: If you have the Wacken ticket, don’t worry. We can you adjust the tour without a ticket. All countries are welcome.



  • Program and prices subject to change without notice.
  • Maximum payment until April 2017.
  • There is not refunds of partial-, or total payment of the tour.
  • It is possible to sell it / or lease your tour if you cannot travel. Each customer is responsible for the new buyer.
  • Exclusive group of 10 people with the Wacken ticket!!